Détente with Belia?

Recent news from the Whestcorean Times, is Whestcorea on the verge of war or is it a cold war? The Baltisk Journal is yet to publish an article relating to the topic.

Whestcorean Times

RGS, D.B.: Belia and Whestcorea may be on the cusp of resolving something of a feud between the two nations.

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Constitution Passes with Majority

Baltisk City (BC)- This morning the General-Secretary’s Office has confirmed the passing and enacting of the new 2015 Constitution of DRCC with an overwhelming majority.

The constitution will be enforced officially on Midnight of January 9th, 2016. A copy of the new constitution for the general public of the micronational community will be shown tomorrow with a new announcement of the constitution and new reforms passed by the DRCC Assembly.


DRCC’s new constitution passes

Daily Micronational

BALTISK CITY – The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek passed earlier today with a 54% majority.

General-Secretary Dallin Langford of the DRCC praised the results as an “overwhelming majority”, with 46% of the populace (including honorary citizens) either voting against or abstaining from the vote entirely, meaning that the vote against could potentially have been a significant amount smaller than this figure.

The Constitution itself has five chapters, explaining the rights of citizens, the power of government, and establishing a Supreme Court of “People’s Judges”. It will go into force on the 9th of January.

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