Civil Right Sub-Committee Promises to have more civil rights legislation pass

Equal Rights Movement Symbol

Baltisk City (B.C)- Saturday 6, 2016

Last night, Bella Topgrove*, Minister of State, Sub-Committee of Civil Rights Chairman, and known Civil Rights activist and member of the Communist-Social Party has recently announced that members of the Communist-Social Party and the Civil Right Sub- Committee has pledged to further civil rights legislation in DRCC.

It is time to make sure that Cinnamon Creek is the freest of all! Not only will it make it a better community and people it will be a light to all countries in the dark. 

-Bella Topgrove replying to the Baltisk Journal concerning the announcement

C.S.P Representatives in the Assembly have proposed a bill called, the “Topgrove-Civil Rights Act” which will be voted on according to the DRCC Assembly Law-Waiting List later this month.

The act will include the following:

  • Liberalization of LGBTQ Civil Rights, and allow same-sex marrige unions and that the state will make a Sub-Ministry of the Ministry of Justice and Development which will handle marriage affairs of the state and will set a legal marriage age to be married. More legal protections offered by the state.
  • Encourage more minorities to join DRCC.
  • Several laws that will grant minorities more protection from hate crimes and etc.
  • Have the Civil Rights Sub-Ministry of the Ministry of Interior do more research into DRCC, micronational, and macronational civil rights, LGBTQ rights, etc.
  • Offer welfare programs to minorities and other “suppressed” peoples.
  • Increase punishment for the those who express hatred or disagreement against minorities or “suppressed” peoples.

Researchers from the National Reserach Institute agree that if the act passes DRCC welfare budget will increase dramatically from 300 Cinnamon Rubles to 2,000 Cinnamon Rubles.

“The welfare program shouldn’t be expanded over night, a successful program needs to happen gradually. It will bankrupt the country if the state decided to pass the bill. I urge members of the CSP and representatives of the honorable Assembly not to pass the bill.” 

Comments Henry Chester, Minister of Health and Transportation and Chairman of the Communist-Social Party

According to unofficial pollsters that it should be better that Topgrove compromise with her new proposed bill then hurt the unpredictable economy that Cinnamon Creek already faces.

More updates will be posted with more evidence.


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