Topgrove-Civil Rights Act passes

Baltisk City (B.C)- Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Last night, General-Secretary Dallin Langford wearily signed the Topgrove-Civil Rights Act after the Communist-Social Party threatened to filibuster the Assembly if he vetoed the bill. After an hour or so of compromising and voting, a new bill as been formed from the original bill.

Minister Bella Topgrove congratulated the representatives voting for the act yesterday afternoon and commented:

It is a wonderful sight, to see Cinnamon Creek become freer than ever before. Instead of making this country a suppressive and conservative nation it has been a socially minded and democratic country instead.    

The revised act will include:

  • Liberalization of LBGTQ Civil Rights, and recognize same-sex marriges, gender changing licenses, and practice LBGTQ “categorized” activities in public. An organization will be set up to handle marriage affairs and relay documents to the Ministry of Justice and Development and that hate crime laws will be included. The legal marriage age is sixteen for anyone.
  • Encourage minorities to join DRCC.
  • Religions can be registered to the Ministry of Interior.
  • Only one welfare program will be set up for LGBTQ and minorities that will take in a very minimal budget of 300 Cinnamon Rubles which will make the current welfare budget jump from 300 to 600 Cinnamon Rubles a year.

Other CSP officials and LCP officials were unavailable to comment at this time. Bella Topgrove has been asked to be interviewed by the Baltisk Journal some time this following week.



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