Interview with King Connor Stumperth of Mallanor

Baltisk City (B.C)- (Recorded on Monday, February 15th 2016 by Baltisk Journal Investigative Associate.) 

This evening, King Stumperth of the Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor has agreed to be interviewed by the Baltisk Journal concerning the upcoming 2016 Mallanorian Prime Minister elections that will occur on April 9th, 2016.

(BJ: Baltisk Journal and KS: King Stumperth)

BJ: Thank you, King Stumperth for coming and being interviewed.

KS: Pleasure to be here.

BJ: Now, are you excited for the upcoming elections?

KS: I am quite excited for the upcoming elections, as they are only the second in Mallanorian history.

BJ: Alright, and what do you expect to see from candidates who are running for Prime Minister?

KS: For this election, I am expecting many more great ideas than from the candidates last year. This is because Mallanor has grown significantly since last election, and much more still has to be done.

BJ: Quite right, Also who do you expect to see the most votes from electors towards?

KS:  I have no good estimates of public opinion towards any of the candidates, as they haven’t been announced publicly yet.

BJ: Now what significant issues have been an concern this year?

KS: From my perspective, the most significant issue in the past year has been organizing and implementing an effective system of government.

BJ: I see, and has citizens of Mallanor been satisfied with Prime Minister Michael Hinnebusch II’s work?

KS: Again, I have no good estimates of public opinion on this matter because we don’t conduct polls regularly.

BJ: Once the candidates have been revealed, do you think that citizens will pay more attention to the elections?

KS:  It has been my experience that public reaction to events is low throughout the year, including elections. However, election turnouts are always at least a majority of the population.

BJ: To follow up with the fourth answer; what effective system of government is being put in place?

KS: The system of government is a constitutional monarch, with a democratically elected Prime Minister and Parliament. The Royal Council is an advisory body to the King and the Prime Minister.

BJ: When do the candidates speak about their plan?

KS:  The candidates will publicly speak about their plans on March 19, during the debates that are planned.

BJ: What will the international community think of the elections?

KS: The international community was supportive of the last election and excited for the results, so I hope for the same this year.

BJ: Well, it’s time to wrap this up. Thank you again King Stumperth and we hope that the upcoming elections will have a fantastic turnout. More updates of the election will be covered as soon as they come.

KS: It is a pleasure…I wish you the best.


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