Election Frenzy: Topgrove leads second

Baltisk City (B.C)- 

After a bizarre turn of events, predictions of Topgrove’s failure in the polls turned out to be wrong, what lead to this was Henry Chester’s vexed comments to the Baltisk Journal concerning his plan to change DRCC’s policy anti-war and related aggressions and to fundamental declare the government extreme secular and not sympathize with anything morally or religiously-related. Instead of his assumed intentions of gaining more support from his fellow citizens it backfired on him. Bella Topgrove was given support from CSP members instead of CSP’s main candidate Henry Chester.

Election Poll Number One

Henry Chester commented on the recent poll change,

“It is not my fault that my fellow comrades do not feel that a secular government is needed to equal liberties of the people and to not give any recognition to any religious faiths. The poll change will reverse back to the previous poll change. If Bella Topgrove became General-Secretary it means dilemma for foreign policy of the country.”

Candidates Dallin Langford and Bella Topgrove were unavailable to comment at the time.


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