Breaking News: DRCC under attack by rebels

Baltisk City (B.C)-

Recently over the weekend, riots have occurred all over the country as mysterious rebels have seized control of DRCC Official Skype Chatrooms and online communications and have hacked into several accounts of the DRCC Assembly Representatives. In this shocking event, the General-Secretary and all outer-provinces were unaware of the events as the rebels seized capitol square and have taken over Dallingrad. An encrypted message from what is supposedly the XFIA Director saying,


The Capitol has been seized by rebels and most Utah of the provinces, regular communications have been disrupted by their supporters. Riots have occurred do to the election and other events…

Sir, DRCC is taken over by you know who.


It is unknown by what he or she meant by this message. According to the XFIA Field Office settled in the Wyoming Provinces, it is estimated that citizens in Utah have either left or do not know of the current situation, which puts DRCC’s population cut by 3\4. An emergency cabinet has been formed with the General-Secretary’s Office Informal Advisory Board until the emergency has been concluded. The General-Secretary urges citizens not to panic and stay tooned to their local DRCC Military Outpost.

More updates will be given soon.



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