Inactivity Crisis Brews in DRCC

Baltisk City (B.C)- As DRCC citizens near the beginning of the end of the 2015-2016 school year which occupies most of the citizens at this time. New governmental officials in the Capital Province has found that citizens have not participated or answered to government messages.

Premier Langford has heard to be worried about the inactivity which could put at DRCC at yet another crisis. The government has demanded that all citizens inform the Premier or Province leaders of their citizenship activity and status by Monday, May 30th, 2o16. Formal government announcements to citizens  will be posted this Friday.

According to the Office of the Premier, if the inactivity continues it could be the dissolution of the country or worse, the Premier proposes that the reforms must be speeder to counter the inactivity.

One government official was heard saying, “This isn’t right…DRCC should last, and I think citizens should have the sense of duty to support their country…”

More updates will be given as this crisis develops.


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