Inactivity Crisis Brews in DRCC

Baltisk City (B.C)- As DRCC citizens near the beginning of the end of the 2015-2016 school year which occupies most of the citizens at this time. New governmental officials in the Capital Province has found that citizens have not participated or answered to government messages.

Premier Langford has heard to be worried about the inactivity which could put at DRCC at yet another crisis. The government has demanded that all citizens inform the Premier or Province leaders of their citizenship activity and status by Monday, May 30th, 2o16. Formal government announcements to citizens  will be posted this Friday.

According to the Office of the Premier, if the inactivity continues it could be the dissolution of the country or worse, the Premier proposes that the reforms must be speeder to counter the inactivity.

One government official was heard saying, “This isn’t right…DRCC should last, and I think citizens should have the sense of duty to support their country…”

More updates will be given as this crisis develops.


The Inferno Continues: Rebels Break Silence

Baltisk City (B.C)- Today, this afternoon around 3:30pm (MST), Rebels led by Henry Chester seized Dallingrad City’s Military Fort and Outpost when it was abandoned by the DRCC Army which was retreating to a nearby uncaptured province. Surprisingly the General-Secretary’s Office did not receive this information from an XFIA contact but Henry Chester himself.

He said,


I see that you again tried to seize and quell my new military but again I see that you have failed! I laugh at the thought of you trying to win this battle, sending a useless army to fight my attacks but then again I knew what you were up to… you see, I have purposefully planned this for some time, a seed of rebellion started from the day you demoted me when I was right and you were wrong. Langford, you never could handle criticism, I have seen the posts, posted by your own peers or friends as you call them on the Micronational forum.

Go ahead, trust them I dare you too, they are probably planning the end of your Micronational career as I write. Don’t be a fool, surrender now and we shall leave what is left of your so-called nation in peace! I bet McCarthy is in on it too, you call him one of your best friends and a great statesman. You are lying to yourself!!! He is in on it as well, like the UT, Jackson/Horatio Eden, and anyone else that you’ve talked too. You know that the older members of that community you talk too hate you, the man you call Cahill, Karjasary, Belcher. What more proof do you need!?!? 

My army and nation will be a better nation than you ever could. You are a failure! Surrender now and you can save your evil empire. You can never win this, Langford. This is your last and final chance, I have all the time in the world to await your answer but don’t keep me waiting.

-Henry Chester”

One of the XFIA agents present called the letter, “One of the most trash talk I ever heard from a rebel.”

The General-Secretary and the Bureaucratic Supreme will discuss a response to this letter later this afternoon and tomorrow. There is no estimation of what the response will be.

Attacks on DRCC’s outposts is estimated to increase as the rebellion drags on and that by the end of the week that almost all of DRCC will be dissolved. Officials remain concerned over the safety of citizens in captured provinces and how they will be treated by the rebels.

Breaking News: DRCC under attack by rebels

Baltisk City (B.C)-

Recently over the weekend, riots have occurred all over the country as mysterious rebels have seized control of DRCC Official Skype Chatrooms and online communications and have hacked into several accounts of the DRCC Assembly Representatives. In this shocking event, the General-Secretary and all outer-provinces were unaware of the events as the rebels seized capitol square and have taken over Dallingrad. An encrypted message from what is supposedly the XFIA Director saying,


The Capitol has been seized by rebels and most Utah of the provinces, regular communications have been disrupted by their supporters. Riots have occurred do to the election and other events…

Sir, DRCC is taken over by you know who.


It is unknown by what he or she meant by this message. According to the XFIA Field Office settled in the Wyoming Provinces, it is estimated that citizens in Utah have either left or do not know of the current situation, which puts DRCC’s population cut by 3\4. An emergency cabinet has been formed with the General-Secretary’s Office Informal Advisory Board until the emergency has been concluded. The General-Secretary urges citizens not to panic and stay tooned to their local DRCC Military Outpost.

More updates will be given soon.