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A sad announcement has been made, by a long-term friend and ally, Mr. Kit McCarthy, President of Mcarthia. Though I am proud to announce an ongoing investigation has been made to find out the dirty criminal or criminals who are heinously responsible to almost destroying Mr. McCarthy’s reputation and micronational career. The Premier has made to the public clear that whoever is responsible, the Premier will not rest until the “son of gun” is caught and swiftly punished.


Loquntia v. Langford trial ends in victory for DRCC

A prizing winning victory for the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek.

Daily Micronational

SUPREME COURT, LOQUNTIA – A landmark Supreme Court ruling in Loquntia has dismissed all charges against DRCC General Secretary Dallin Langford.

In the court’s holding, after a short conference between Chief Justice Norling and Solicitor for the defence Horatio Eden, the court held that “the territory of the DRCC is not a realm of R [Loquntia] because the legislative element… did not reach the quorum required on the question in order to cede” – the quorum being the six votes necessary to pass a bill of this magnitude, a vote necessitated by Article 3 of the Constitution of the DRCC, as per an amicus curiae brief submitted to the court by Universal Triumvirate Chief Attorney Alexander Buchanan.

Moreover, the court also acquitted Langford of the charge of illegal seizure in the case of the former KUR-Loquntian consulate, held in DRCC territory; “in the opinion of this court, the venue…

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Constitution Passes with Majority

Baltisk City (BC)- This morning the General-Secretary’s Office has confirmed the passing and enacting of the new 2015 Constitution of DRCC with an overwhelming majority.

The constitution will be enforced officially on Midnight of January 9th, 2016. A copy of the new constitution for the general public of the micronational community will be shown tomorrow with a new announcement of the constitution and new reforms passed by the DRCC Assembly.


DRCC’s new constitution passes

Daily Micronational

BALTISK CITY – The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek passed earlier today with a 54% majority.

General-Secretary Dallin Langford of the DRCC praised the results as an “overwhelming majority”, with 46% of the populace (including honorary citizens) either voting against or abstaining from the vote entirely, meaning that the vote against could potentially have been a significant amount smaller than this figure.

The Constitution itself has five chapters, explaining the rights of citizens, the power of government, and establishing a Supreme Court of “People’s Judges”. It will go into force on the 9th of January.

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