The Situation at Our Door

Baltisk City (B.C)- (Recorded on Thursday 4 of February 2016 at the DRCC Government Skype Meetings Chatroom, General-Secretary Langford addresses the city committees and the Assembly.)

Your excellencies of the Honorable Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek Assembly, Committees of Dallingrad and Baltisk City, Honorable Comrade Commissioner Clarkston, and Comrades of Cinnamon Creek, it is an honor for the privilege of speaking to you this afternoon.

Several years ago, I was in third grade offered to participate in a special event, I thought it was a good idea to take my comrade’s advice on not going to the event. Just like several days ago a postponed bill arrived at my desk stating that I was to either sign or veto the Loquntian Territory and DRCC Commonwealth Act of 2016. Instead like my friend’s advice I thought it was a good idea at the time that is, I naively thought that it could solve the current problems in the country. Although on the contrary, I had certain doubts that something disagreeable was about to arise. The bill as I later recall felt like the Devil himself was demanding entrance on my door. Now like the situation when I was a little third grader, I would suffer the consequences of signing that bill into law, like how I choose not to participate in that event.

Now we face a new worry for this dignified nation, Loquntia has tried to stir up trouble for D.R.C.C and I can’t allow it to happen. Although I find hope as recently and eccentrically and yet expectedly King John I of the R.K.L has sued me for in the amount of the sovereignty and reign of and over the Territory of Cinnamon Creek on the grounds that the territory be a realm of Loquntia due to a variety of factors; including but not limited to your purported submitting statements to the MFA Department of International Correspondence; your purported self-proclamation as the Archduchy of Cinnamon Creek under the Loquntian Crown” 

Whether or this may deeply affect the country I do not know. My conclusion based on this upcoming trial, is that it is most important to attend this event. If I win it will be a most political and moral victory for me and this stunning nation. I come to you as one man, representing the stake and integrity of Cinnamon Creek and I plan to come with the respect of all internationally and domestically. An international statement to all nations everywhere that a country’s sovereignty will not be dreaded down!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may be at the interesting end of the situation and we shall not give up. We will keep fighting and never end and I stand by you side by side. We have the determination of a hundred nations, support of a breathtaking international community, citizens that have stuck with us to the very end! If I may say so we could and will win this legal and international battleground! A war of words, a war of actions, and at the sunrise of the country will settle the dust and we will come out as victors.

I will not apologize to Loquntia or for anyone, for seceding from the short life of living under the Loquntian banner as the Loquntian Crown tried to take our freedoms away. Whether in this life or the next, I can only apologize for my strong emotional language that was to harsh concerning the Loquntian Dispute thread on the famous and infamous MicroWiki Forum and seek forgiveness.

Comrades of this nation, I will not be a failure and this government will not fail. If we fall into the ashes, then we will delight in picking ourselves out of the ashes. International Sovereignty will be respected and we will gain potential international recognition for our fight to win this case.

This nation is a free nation and we will not bow our heads to another nation that is corrupt and delights in controlling their citizens. Thus, this moment represents hope for the future and I promote that we can not let us fall and climb up the hanging thread of this disastrous mistake.

May God please our country and bless this people! May we win this fight in arms banded together!






Détente with Belia?

Recent news from the Whestcorean Times, is Whestcorea on the verge of war or is it a cold war? The Baltisk Journal is yet to publish an article relating to the topic.

Whestcorean Times

RGS, D.B.: Belia and Whestcorea may be on the cusp of resolving something of a feud between the two nations.

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Constitution Passes with Majority

Baltisk City (BC)- This morning the General-Secretary’s Office has confirmed the passing and enacting of the new 2015 Constitution of DRCC with an overwhelming majority.

The constitution will be enforced officially on Midnight of January 9th, 2016. A copy of the new constitution for the general public of the micronational community will be shown tomorrow with a new announcement of the constitution and new reforms passed by the DRCC Assembly.


DRCC’s new constitution passes

Daily Micronational

BALTISK CITY – The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek passed earlier today with a 54% majority.

General-Secretary Dallin Langford of the DRCC praised the results as an “overwhelming majority”, with 46% of the populace (including honorary citizens) either voting against or abstaining from the vote entirely, meaning that the vote against could potentially have been a significant amount smaller than this figure.

The Constitution itself has five chapters, explaining the rights of citizens, the power of government, and establishing a Supreme Court of “People’s Judges”. It will go into force on the 9th of January.

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“Model Town Act” Causes Debate Among Citizens


The “Model Town Act of 2015” has recently caused somewhat debate among citizens in the provinces. Citizens are concerned that the new law will take away freedoms, from autonomous provinces. The Model Town Act includes that “All towns must be renamed and will the assembly will delegate a plan structure of new cities in the nation to a “Sub-Committee of Domestic Affairs.” This includes that they can do decisions without regional province committee approval, Baltisk City citizens are concerned on how it could affect the town.

A anonymous Dallingrad citizen says, “I’m not to worried about the act as many were passed before that caused such debate, it’s just a passing concern.” Other differ saying, “Why does the government have to rename our towns to fit their liking! We the people decide not them, it is despicable to see this take place without our permission.” 

The DRCC Assembly has yet to comment as well for any government departments about the issue.

A public hearing is scheduled by Baltisk City on the issue, which is on 26 January 2016.