Rebellion Inferno: What it means for DRCC and it’s future

Baltisk City (B.C)- 

Over the last weekend a twist of sudden turn of events for DRCC happened as DRCC Rebels under the supposed leadership of Henry Chester stormed former capitol square in the Utah provinces, disabled official DRCC communications over Skype, and succeeded in hacking into several DRCC Assembly Representatives’ accounts and deleting them.

Unaware of the events, the local XFIA Wyoming Field Office decrypted a shocking message that answered their questions to the mystery, which spoke of rebellion and left it to the imagination of what would happen next. General-Secretary Langford has urged citizens not to panic and report to their local/active military outpost and await instructions. The devastating riots and rebels have destroyed DRCC’s official population by 3/4. Officials are concerned that this is not the end of it, and possibly could destroy DRCC into oblivion because of the secret lack of participation by citizens for the last month.

What does this mean for DRCC? How will it affect the future? What will happen next?

What does it mean? 

Before the rebellion, DRCC was amidst of heavy thunderclouds which included the 2016 General-Secretary Elections, the Eden v. Langford Case/UT Affair, and many events taking place outside of the country (i.e The 2016 US Presidential Elections.) The growing factions soared as Henry Chester threatened that anyone who opposed him would regret it and beg for mercy. Was this a sign of rebellion? Maybe.

The rebellion as a General-Secretary’s Office assistant put it, “…shows the dying fire of a nation or the example where DRCC lacks in…”

How will it affect the future? 

Some options that were stated in the General-Secretary’s Office of how the rebellion would conclude was:

  1. The military would restore order, the rebels would be granted amnesty and the main rebels would be put on trial and then punished accordingly to the law, the elections would resume, and DRCC would continue like normal until the next event.
  2. The Rebels successfully hold off any military intervention and still stay active and not have any internal dissent, and the Rebels will take control of the Utah Provinces.
  3. The Rebels successfully hold off a military intervention, until the military reorganizes and attacks until the rebels surrender, and then fighting ensues and makes citizens want to leave to avoid conflict. Which is a technical win for the rebels and DRCC is only left with the Wyoming and Honorary Citizens’ Provinces.
  4. A bitter stalemate is followed and DRCC will suffer with internal struggles, until DRCC gives up the fight and tries to rebuild its government and citizens.
  5. The rebels give up and DRCC is the victor and continues to focus on what its past tasks were. And citizens hope that another rebellion will not happen again.

The options of course do not seem all that positive as the pros and cons reach  to a tough decision for the new Bureaucratic Supreme. A debate is expected to occur on how to handle the situation and the final decision that the General-Secretary will approve on. The rebellion though seems as if it was planned and organized from the very start.

Henry Chester and his fellow members in the government were hungry for power and stirred up fear among citizens and wanted to take the country for his own. With the General-Secretary hundreds of miles away he could now successfully hold an insurrection with the General-Secretary to take control of the situation from a strategic position. Other motives could be the large inactivity and current overwhelming unpopularity of the General-Secretary and his policies. Is there other motives? Most likely.

What will happen next? 

Until the General-Secretary and the Bureaucratic Supreme  can reach a decision, the country remains tense as information is limited with citizens still active in the Utah Provinces. Most of them are unaware of a rebellion and do not care for government affairs.

It is most likely that if the rebellion continues through the week without any successful peaceful attempts to restore order that the General-Secretary will order military intervention. If nothing works, DRCC will either dissolve and another attempt to establish another country will be unsuccessful and any citizen that wants to be involved in micronationalism will have to join other micronation or start their own. Which can’t be said the same for the General-Secretary who is devoted to micronationalism. DRCC could save itself by incorporating honorary citizens to full-fledged citizens and keep control of the Wyoming Provinces and encourage acceptance of new ones that would want to join.

General-Secretary Langford was overheard saying, “It is unknown whether DRCC can survive and limp a little longer or try to find ways to say itself and its beliefs. Only God knows at this point.”

A decision made by the Bureaucratic Supreme or a full reaction for the community is expected in the next two days.


News Announcement: 4/6/16

Baltisk City (B.C)- (Message from the General-Secretary’s Office, concerning the upcoming debate and straw poll on April 9th.) 


If citizens of DRCC or micronational media outlets wish to ask questions for the candidates of the 1st Primary Debate of the General-Secretary Elections please send it to the General-Secretary’s Office or contact General-Secretary Langford, the deadline will be April 8, 2016 and no later.

The criteria for questions are:

  • Must be appropriate and related to DRCC issues or things that concern DRCC.
  • The question must not contain slander or vile pointed towards a certain candidate or it will be thrown out.
  • The question can be said shorter than forty seconds.

If this criteria can not be met they may not be said during the debate.

Thank you for your time.


The General-Secretary’s Office of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek



Election Frenzy: Topgrove leads second

Baltisk City (B.C)- 

After a bizarre turn of events, predictions of Topgrove’s failure in the polls turned out to be wrong, what lead to this was Henry Chester’s vexed comments to the Baltisk Journal concerning his plan to change DRCC’s policy anti-war and related aggressions and to fundamental declare the government extreme secular and not sympathize with anything morally or religiously-related. Instead of his assumed intentions of gaining more support from his fellow citizens it backfired on him. Bella Topgrove was given support from CSP members instead of CSP’s main candidate Henry Chester.

Election Poll Number One

Henry Chester commented on the recent poll change,

“It is not my fault that my fellow comrades do not feel that a secular government is needed to equal liberties of the people and to not give any recognition to any religious faiths. The poll change will reverse back to the previous poll change. If Bella Topgrove became General-Secretary it means dilemma for foreign policy of the country.”

Candidates Dallin Langford and Bella Topgrove were unavailable to comment at the time.

Election Blitz: A few questions for the LCP

Baltisk City (B.C)- 

Recently, LCP Candidate and current General-Secretary Dallin Langford has held a press conference with the Baltisk Journal on his platform and candidacy for the 2016 General-Secretary Election.

The Journal has had the opportunity to share some of his plans and ideas for the future of the country.


For the past two years, as your were in office, do you think the Cinnamon’ people have become more affectionate towards you? 

For some perhaps, for others not as therefore I can speak for the people on there feelings towards me.

General-Secretary, you have been in the office as I mentioned before for two years, don’t you think DRCC should have more of a new candidate to take hold of the reigns? 

I don’t think that my other fellow candidates could handle the community presently, of course I could be wrong though they should definitely familiarize themselves with the community before dealing in international affairs. I do of course have sufficient experience in handling the community and the expectations that follow it.

Voters have noted your controversial part in the Loquntian and the UT Affair, how would you explain yourself? 

First off, the Loquntian Affair or so-called “Loquntian Situation” was really not controversial it was actually an open and shut case of Loquntia’s leader: John I, of trying to display is his supposed power over the community and especially on DRCC. Yet, he obviously failed and presently his personal and country’s reputation is now dust because of his latest actions of trying to establish power over the Micronational Dollar.

Secondly, the UT Affair at any rate has been a mistake. As much as the Cinnamon’ people despise Lancelot Rice, I think a resolution has already been made, and I will mention that the UT is already a dying nation the 3/4 of its citizens are gone and its economy is in definite shambles and it needs money to continue. The government is in struggle and Rice is trying to grab as much power as possible if you take a look at UT laws that have been recently made. I don’t think that any more involvement or interaction with the UT is necessary. I of course defend my position that I was the one who authorized the mission as a clear experiment and that is the end of it.

Who would you choose to be your running mate in this election? 

Not surprisingly,  I would choose Jessica Clarkston, an amazing Commissioner for DRCC for the last several months and is an advocate for peace and prosperity. Even though she is a socialist libertarian I think that she will be able to successfully keep the right and left wings to compromise together in the coming year. Therefore, it is Clarkston.

Now Henry Chester is a strong civic nationalist, what is your views of his view and civic nationalism? 

I wouldn’t exactly say that Henry Chester is a civic nationalist, he beyond that, in other words he is an expansional nationalist that believes that his party and policies along with the nation could unite as one and be more superior than others. Which is why the government keeps him on a tight leash to make sure that he doesn’t embarrass the country. Though it is his natural right to run for General-Secretary he will ruin the country’s reputation and I strongly oppose his efforts to make a one-party state like he tried to during the “Socialist Period” of DRCC. Henry Chester’s beliefs definitely does not categorize in civic nationalism.

I do support civic nationalism, because patriotism is important to unify the country on common grounds and it gives citizens a true sense of identity to belong to DRCC. I do not focus as much on civic nationalism than the other issues at hand.

Bella Topgrove is leading third in the current polls, how would you describe her policies? 

Her policies are utterly delusional a left-wing utopia could never be possible for the people to agree with. Especially when the idea is to put a monarchy upon DRCC, as Loquntia tried to on DRCC, it would never be accepted by a country so devoted to the idea of a republic than any other type of government. Her idea of the nation becoming isolationist would never work especially to slow down a nation that is already actively involved in the international community. The only thing I could agree with is her plan to increase more freedoms in the nation and her talents of being an activist could be used in a place in the government that could use her strong-suited talent. She needs more experience before becoming a leader of a nation, and I would gladly help to make sure she knows a thing or two about leadership of a nation if she so wishes.

In the last two Assembly meetings, the LCP’s foreign affair policies has come under attack by the left for not evaluating the nation’s foreign affairs, how do you defend the LCP’s position? 

I can assure the country that the Ministry of State and the General-Secretary’s Office chooses wisely of who we want to become allies or friends with. It is important to be a friend to all and that is what should remain. The Ministry of State always evaluates and reevaluates of our foreign affair policy and current relations. At the moment the international community is slow due to the fact most of the nations are in school or have other present items of business that is more important to attend to which of course is understandable and the leftists should understand that as well. In the future the Ministry of State and DRCC will be more proactive in foreign policy, once the Assembly finally resolves its differences and can agree on a set policy as prescribed of the executive and legislative branch to do so.

What do you plan for the economy and for future economic plans? 

Unfortunately for most [micro] nations they do not have the ability to have an economy with there nation. Most depend on resources from there macronation as does DRCC rely on the United States. At the moment DRCC has an average economy, which amazingly has developed since the early 2015 market crash. My future economic plans would be the same as I planned earlier this year, which is to cut taxes, cut down unnecessary government programs and use that money in reserves or put it in more efficient government ministries.

I want to develop trade relations with those who do have a sufficient economy to do international trade which can open new doors of opportunity for the country.


Thank you for your time, General-Secretary Langford.