Letter of Resignation Announcement

29th July 2016

To the Citizens, fellow Leaders, and dedicated His Majesty the Emperor and to the Entire Micronational [MicroWiki] Community,

Please accept this letter of resignation from my position as Premier of the State of Cinnamon Creek and Minister of Justice of the Empire of Paravia, and any other respective micronational positions. My last day as Premier and Minister of Justice is the 6th of August 2016.

I have decided that it school and my personal life has come to my attention and necessary to proceed to focus on my studies and spend more time with friends and family. I write in tears as I have to limit my time in micronationalism and not be able to spend as much time with my friends and only choose one nation according to my parents. I realize that there is no other option but to leave the MicroWiki community and maybe someday return.

It has been exciting and a pleasure working with my personal friends and friends that I’m acquainted and this community for over the last two years. One of the highlights is just enjoying good laughs and having real friendship which I could never really receive in my personal past life. I have some of the best friends in the world, and I couldn’t have done it without, Ned Greiner, Patrick Renwick, Steve Rosarda, Mike Lewis, Michael Onff, Suzuki, Dylan, Shamus, Jonathan Austen, Shane Cahill, Thomas Merrell and many, many others. Thank you for the great memories during my time in the micronational community. I wish you all the best, to my friends, to my acquaintances, and to my enemies!

I would like to stay until all arrangements and finishing my final micronational positions in my respective citizenships and I will leave any documents, information, or anything else that is necessary or requested before my departure.

Thank you again, all of you, I have been taught many irreplaceable lessons about life and social skills that I needed. The entire thing was brilliant! I again wish you the best and it was a fun ride.

Anyone can contact me at jacksoncole556@gmail.com or my Skype username: kurjackson any time. And if you have my residence address to those who I mailed corresponded with, please don’t hesitate to send a letter!


Dallin Langford

You can view the orginal letter here



Regent Premiership Established

Baltisk City  (B.C)- Written by Mike Lewis, on 14th of July 2016 (Thursday)

Yesterday, the Premier of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek announced his fourth Emergency Premier Decree since the implementation the suspension of the DRCC’s constitution. The Premier purposefully declared a state of emergency in the DRCC to overhaul the nation from spiralling into inactivity. An emergency council was appointed, led by Premier Langford, to oversee the major reforms throughout the nation. This fourth decree declared Patrick Renwick of Paravia as Regent Premier. The Regent Premier is believed to to reign while the Premier is away. The Regent Premier will have the same capabilities as the Premier, suggesting that the Premier may be away for some time. The Regent Premier also has Vice-Regent Premier to help him with his duties which was named as Ned Greiner of Nedland. The Regent Premier will reign from this day until the Premier officially returns. The Regent’s Premier Cabinet was also announced. Mike Lewis of Lundenwic was named as the Minister of All Ministries which is to be co-shared with Steve Rosarda of Abelden. Nobody may be added to the Cabinet without the express permission of the Premier and the Regent Premier.

An international response is yet to occur, more updates will be given as they come.

DRCC to enter provisional government phase

Baltisk City (B.C)- Over the last few weeks government stability has fallen to new lows after the recent DRCC Rebellion which has caused a 3/4 of the population and land to be lost. The goverment has reached a conclusion of rebuilding DRCC and allowing it to reopen its doors to the international community.

General-Secretary Langford has ordered martial law after the dissolution of the DRCC Assembly and massive inactivity from the Mir Province, he was heard saying, “The current constitution must be suspended to allow a new constitution to step in and allow a reformation of how the DRCC government will run.” The new constitution is estimated to be completed by next Saturday. It is unknown of the reaction towards the new constitution and new policies which have been released since yesterday. The provisional government will take power this Monday with General-Secretary Langford to become Premier of the new government, and a small council of citizens to be the legislature.

The effects of this government will be unknown as it could but more instability during the transition until the military can effectively control any riots which could be caused.  The Cabinet hopes that all will go well until the new constitution may be in place. A DRCC official who wishes to be anonymous says, “One of the new policies will be called the ‘Reformation Period’, though I don’t know much about the policy, however it could heavily affect DRCC’s influence in the international community. DRCC’s only hope is that they will take the policy seriously and respect it.”

The General-Secretary plans to make a speech concerning these recent events on Monday afternoon (MST) all DRCC citizens are invited to attend. More updates as they come.

Breaking News: DRCC under attack by rebels

Baltisk City (B.C)-

Recently over the weekend, riots have occurred all over the country as mysterious rebels have seized control of DRCC Official Skype Chatrooms and online communications and have hacked into several accounts of the DRCC Assembly Representatives. In this shocking event, the General-Secretary and all outer-provinces were unaware of the events as the rebels seized capitol square and have taken over Dallingrad. An encrypted message from what is supposedly the XFIA Director saying,


The Capitol has been seized by rebels and most Utah of the provinces, regular communications have been disrupted by their supporters. Riots have occurred do to the election and other events…

Sir, DRCC is taken over by you know who.


It is unknown by what he or she meant by this message. According to the XFIA Field Office settled in the Wyoming Provinces, it is estimated that citizens in Utah have either left or do not know of the current situation, which puts DRCC’s population cut by 3\4. An emergency cabinet has been formed with the General-Secretary’s Office Informal Advisory Board until the emergency has been concluded. The General-Secretary urges citizens not to panic and stay tooned to their local DRCC Military Outpost.

More updates will be given soon.


News Announcement: 4/6/16

Baltisk City (B.C)- (Message from the General-Secretary’s Office, concerning the upcoming debate and straw poll on April 9th.) 


If citizens of DRCC or micronational media outlets wish to ask questions for the candidates of the 1st Primary Debate of the General-Secretary Elections please send it to the General-Secretary’s Office or contact General-Secretary Langford, the deadline will be April 8, 2016 and no later.

The criteria for questions are:

  • Must be appropriate and related to DRCC issues or things that concern DRCC.
  • The question must not contain slander or vile pointed towards a certain candidate or it will be thrown out.
  • The question can be said shorter than forty seconds.

If this criteria can not be met they may not be said during the debate.

Thank you for your time.


The General-Secretary’s Office of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek