The Inferno Continues: Rebels Break Silence

Baltisk City (B.C)- Today, this afternoon around 3:30pm (MST), Rebels led by Henry Chester seized Dallingrad City’s Military Fort and Outpost when it was abandoned by the DRCC Army which was retreating to a nearby uncaptured province. Surprisingly the General-Secretary’s Office did not receive this information from an XFIA contact but Henry Chester himself.

He said,


I see that you again tried to seize and quell my new military but again I see that you have failed! I laugh at the thought of you trying to win this battle, sending a useless army to fight my attacks but then again I knew what you were up to… you see, I have purposefully planned this for some time, a seed of rebellion started from the day you demoted me when I was right and you were wrong. Langford, you never could handle criticism, I have seen the posts, posted by your own peers or friends as you call them on the Micronational forum.

Go ahead, trust them I dare you too, they are probably planning the end of your Micronational career as I write. Don’t be a fool, surrender now and we shall leave what is left of your so-called nation in peace! I bet McCarthy is in on it too, you call him one of your best friends and a great statesman. You are lying to yourself!!! He is in on it as well, like the UT, Jackson/Horatio Eden, and anyone else that you’ve talked too. You know that the older members of that community you talk too hate you, the man you call Cahill, Karjasary, Belcher. What more proof do you need!?!? 

My army and nation will be a better nation than you ever could. You are a failure! Surrender now and you can save your evil empire. You can never win this, Langford. This is your last and final chance, I have all the time in the world to await your answer but don’t keep me waiting.

-Henry Chester”

One of the XFIA agents present called the letter, “One of the most trash talk I ever heard from a rebel.”

The General-Secretary and the Bureaucratic Supreme will discuss a response to this letter later this afternoon and tomorrow. There is no estimation of what the response will be.

Attacks on DRCC’s outposts is estimated to increase as the rebellion drags on and that by the end of the week that almost all of DRCC will be dissolved. Officials remain concerned over the safety of citizens in captured provinces and how they will be treated by the rebels.


Rebellion Inferno: What it means for DRCC and it’s future

Baltisk City (B.C)- 

Over the last weekend a twist of sudden turn of events for DRCC happened as DRCC Rebels under the supposed leadership of Henry Chester stormed former capitol square in the Utah provinces, disabled official DRCC communications over Skype, and succeeded in hacking into several DRCC Assembly Representatives’ accounts and deleting them.

Unaware of the events, the local XFIA Wyoming Field Office decrypted a shocking message that answered their questions to the mystery, which spoke of rebellion and left it to the imagination of what would happen next. General-Secretary Langford has urged citizens not to panic and report to their local/active military outpost and await instructions. The devastating riots and rebels have destroyed DRCC’s official population by 3/4. Officials are concerned that this is not the end of it, and possibly could destroy DRCC into oblivion because of the secret lack of participation by citizens for the last month.

What does this mean for DRCC? How will it affect the future? What will happen next?

What does it mean? 

Before the rebellion, DRCC was amidst of heavy thunderclouds which included the 2016 General-Secretary Elections, the Eden v. Langford Case/UT Affair, and many events taking place outside of the country (i.e The 2016 US Presidential Elections.) The growing factions soared as Henry Chester threatened that anyone who opposed him would regret it and beg for mercy. Was this a sign of rebellion? Maybe.

The rebellion as a General-Secretary’s Office assistant put it, “…shows the dying fire of a nation or the example where DRCC lacks in…”

How will it affect the future? 

Some options that were stated in the General-Secretary’s Office of how the rebellion would conclude was:

  1. The military would restore order, the rebels would be granted amnesty and the main rebels would be put on trial and then punished accordingly to the law, the elections would resume, and DRCC would continue like normal until the next event.
  2. The Rebels successfully hold off any military intervention and still stay active and not have any internal dissent, and the Rebels will take control of the Utah Provinces.
  3. The Rebels successfully hold off a military intervention, until the military reorganizes and attacks until the rebels surrender, and then fighting ensues and makes citizens want to leave to avoid conflict. Which is a technical win for the rebels and DRCC is only left with the Wyoming and Honorary Citizens’ Provinces.
  4. A bitter stalemate is followed and DRCC will suffer with internal struggles, until DRCC gives up the fight and tries to rebuild its government and citizens.
  5. The rebels give up and DRCC is the victor and continues to focus on what its past tasks were. And citizens hope that another rebellion will not happen again.

The options of course do not seem all that positive as the pros and cons reach  to a tough decision for the new Bureaucratic Supreme. A debate is expected to occur on how to handle the situation and the final decision that the General-Secretary will approve on. The rebellion though seems as if it was planned and organized from the very start.

Henry Chester and his fellow members in the government were hungry for power and stirred up fear among citizens and wanted to take the country for his own. With the General-Secretary hundreds of miles away he could now successfully hold an insurrection with the General-Secretary to take control of the situation from a strategic position. Other motives could be the large inactivity and current overwhelming unpopularity of the General-Secretary and his policies. Is there other motives? Most likely.

What will happen next? 

Until the General-Secretary and the Bureaucratic Supreme  can reach a decision, the country remains tense as information is limited with citizens still active in the Utah Provinces. Most of them are unaware of a rebellion and do not care for government affairs.

It is most likely that if the rebellion continues through the week without any successful peaceful attempts to restore order that the General-Secretary will order military intervention. If nothing works, DRCC will either dissolve and another attempt to establish another country will be unsuccessful and any citizen that wants to be involved in micronationalism will have to join other micronation or start their own. Which can’t be said the same for the General-Secretary who is devoted to micronationalism. DRCC could save itself by incorporating honorary citizens to full-fledged citizens and keep control of the Wyoming Provinces and encourage acceptance of new ones that would want to join.

General-Secretary Langford was overheard saying, “It is unknown whether DRCC can survive and limp a little longer or try to find ways to say itself and its beliefs. Only God knows at this point.”

A decision made by the Bureaucratic Supreme or a full reaction for the community is expected in the next two days.

News Announcement: 4/6/16

Baltisk City (B.C)- (Message from the General-Secretary’s Office, concerning the upcoming debate and straw poll on April 9th.) 


If citizens of DRCC or micronational media outlets wish to ask questions for the candidates of the 1st Primary Debate of the General-Secretary Elections please send it to the General-Secretary’s Office or contact General-Secretary Langford, the deadline will be April 8, 2016 and no later.

The criteria for questions are:

  • Must be appropriate and related to DRCC issues or things that concern DRCC.
  • The question must not contain slander or vile pointed towards a certain candidate or it will be thrown out.
  • The question can be said shorter than forty seconds.

If this criteria can not be met they may not be said during the debate.

Thank you for your time.


The General-Secretary’s Office of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek



Proposed constitutional amendment creates power risk

Baltisk City (B.C.)- Two nights ago, the “General-Secretary’s Role (A.B 651 2016)” was posted on the new DRCC Assembly Legislative Site. According to the CSP Chairman and Minister of Health and Transportation Henry Chester, “It is time for the General-Secretary’s power to be limited. A life time term and no elections until the first founder is dead or resigns, will destroy DRCC. And due to recent international affairs it is a great example of how this is clearly faulty.”

In Article 2, Section 5: “The Executive Branch” (b) it says,

The founder of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek is automatically the General-Secretary until death or voluntary resignation; after resignation or death a new General-Secretary will be the current Commissioner of DRCC at that time; after four years, the Assembly will open a vote to the People of DRCC and they will have a public vote to install a new General-Secretary.

“I strongly support His Excellency General-Secretary  Dallin Langford however if DRCC is a republic and live to it’s democratic standards it is essential to not let a person have a life time term and ruin the country in the works. Let’s [bluntly] cut the crap and allow elections and change this amendment.” says Commissioner Jessica Clarkston.

The proposed amendment does the following:

  • Impeachment Articles will be added to Section 5.
  • The General-Secretary’s Office can be subject to Assembly investigations.
  • General-Secretary elections will be held on July 2016, after Assembly Representative elections.
  • A General-Secretary election system will be created and announced before April.
  • The founder will no longer have a life-time term.
  • A General-Secretary’s term will be one year, starting August after the election.
  • The set term limit will be eight terms.

General-Secretary Langford has unavailable to comment on the proposed amendment.

“A life time term and no elections until the first founder is dead or resigns, will destroy DRCC. And due to recent international affairs it is a great example of how this is clearly faulty.”

-Henry Chester, Minister of Health and Transportation

A straw poll among the Representatives show, 5/8 support the new amendment and 3/8 are against or undecided. According to Appendix A (d), “Unanimous vote- All Assembly representatives must vote for a constitutional amendment to be added.

The bill is to be discussed next Saturday, more updates will be added.