“Model Town Act” Causes Debate Among Citizens


The “Model Town Act of 2015” has recently caused somewhat debate among citizens in the provinces. Citizens are concerned that the new law will take away freedoms, from autonomous provinces. The Model Town Act includes that “All towns must be renamed and will the assembly will delegate a plan structure of new cities in the nation to a “Sub-Committee of Domestic Affairs.” This includes that they can do decisions without regional province committee approval, Baltisk City citizens are concerned on how it could affect the town.

A anonymous Dallingrad citizen says, “I’m not to worried about the act as many were passed before that caused such debate, it’s just a passing concern.” Other differ saying, “Why does the government have to rename our towns to fit their liking! We the people decide not them, it is despicable to see this take place without our permission.” 

The DRCC Assembly has yet to comment as well for any government departments about the issue.

A public hearing is scheduled by Baltisk City on the issue, which is on 26 January 2016.