Regent Premiership Established

Baltisk City  (B.C)- Written by Mike Lewis, on 14th of July 2016 (Thursday)

Yesterday, the Premier of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek announced his fourth Emergency Premier Decree since the implementation the suspension of the DRCC’s constitution. The Premier purposefully declared a state of emergency in the DRCC to overhaul the nation from spiralling into inactivity. An emergency council was appointed, led by Premier Langford, to oversee the major reforms throughout the nation. This fourth decree declared Patrick Renwick of Paravia as Regent Premier. The Regent Premier is believed to to reign while the Premier is away. The Regent Premier will have the same capabilities as the Premier, suggesting that the Premier may be away for some time. The Regent Premier also has Vice-Regent Premier to help him with his duties which was named as Ned Greiner of Nedland. The Regent Premier will reign from this day until the Premier officially returns. The Regent’s Premier Cabinet was also announced. Mike Lewis of Lundenwic was named as the Minister of All Ministries which is to be co-shared with Steve Rosarda of Abelden. Nobody may be added to the Cabinet without the express permission of the Premier and the Regent Premier.

An international response is yet to occur, more updates will be given as they come.


Premier Releases Honour’s Day 2016 List

Baltisk City (B.C)- 

This afternoon, Premier Dallin Langford published the annual Founder’s Day List, to commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek’s founding, and developed two new orders to be inducted to Cinnamon Creek’s awards and decorations list.

Order of the October Sky-

*Shane Cahill, Knight Commander

*Mike Lewis, Commander

Order of the November Star-

*Patrick Renwick, Grand Commander

*Michael Onff, Knight

Order of the Quail-

*Alejandro Valentino, Knight

*Ian Nolon, Knight

Congratulations to all!

Premier signs Order of Support to Lundenwic

Baltisk City (B.C)- Premier Langford has signed an Order of Support to the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic this afternoon, making the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek the fifth official pro-government supporter in the Lundener Civil War.

Though the Premier did not say that the DRCC Army would be officially involved in the war, he did mention that volunteers may join involvement in the Lundener Civil War but will not be officially recognized by the DRCC Government unless, the Government will be willing to consider the option of declaring war on the communist rebels. Until then, the height of involvement whether financial, military, or other is unknown until further notice.

Mike Lewis, Prime Minister of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic heard the news, he responded, “That is great news.” The Premier said that, he was “glad to help a fellow micronationalist, friend, and ally.”

Until then, the height of involvement whether financial, military, or other is unknown until further notice.

More information about the Lundener Civil War can be viewed here at this link.

DRCC to renew diplomatic talks with Loquntia

Baltisk City (B.C)- In a sudden whim, Premier Langford has decided to renew diplomatic talks with friend and enemy relationship the Kingdom of Loquntia this evening. The Premier did not give an a full explanation of why he is interested in having DRCC-Loquntia relations other than saying, “DRCC is willing to open up diplomatic talks for diplomacy relations with Loquntia.”

When asked why by the Kingdom of Loquntia leader and head of state King John I, and his Ministries, and stated that Loquntia desires for limited international diplomacy between both nations because of the past (i.e The Loquntian Incident and R (For L) v. Langford), King John I also recommended an extradition policy for the proposed treaty which will discussed later as the talks go on.

The Premier then responded that both parties to the treaty use Google Documents, that way the both parties could have a beneficial understanding of the treaty and also recommended to develop a fail-safe plan which will be designed to prevent any future tensions or incidents.

Talks are expected to last throughout the week as both leaders edit and discuss the treaty and future DRCC-Loquntia relations.  A response from the international community on this turn of events is yet to happen.

Inactivity Crisis Brews in DRCC

Baltisk City (B.C)- As DRCC citizens near the beginning of the end of the 2015-2016 school year which occupies most of the citizens at this time. New governmental officials in the Capital Province has found that citizens have not participated or answered to government messages.

Premier Langford has heard to be worried about the inactivity which could put at DRCC at yet another crisis. The government has demanded that all citizens inform the Premier or Province leaders of their citizenship activity and status by Monday, May 30th, 2o16. Formal government announcements to citizens  will be posted this Friday.

According to the Office of the Premier, if the inactivity continues it could be the dissolution of the country or worse, the Premier proposes that the reforms must be speeder to counter the inactivity.

One government official was heard saying, “This isn’t right…DRCC should last, and I think citizens should have the sense of duty to support their country…”

More updates will be given as this crisis develops.

DRCC to enter provisional government phase

Baltisk City (B.C)- Over the last few weeks government stability has fallen to new lows after the recent DRCC Rebellion which has caused a 3/4 of the population and land to be lost. The goverment has reached a conclusion of rebuilding DRCC and allowing it to reopen its doors to the international community.

General-Secretary Langford has ordered martial law after the dissolution of the DRCC Assembly and massive inactivity from the Mir Province, he was heard saying, “The current constitution must be suspended to allow a new constitution to step in and allow a reformation of how the DRCC government will run.” The new constitution is estimated to be completed by next Saturday. It is unknown of the reaction towards the new constitution and new policies which have been released since yesterday. The provisional government will take power this Monday with General-Secretary Langford to become Premier of the new government, and a small council of citizens to be the legislature.

The effects of this government will be unknown as it could but more instability during the transition until the military can effectively control any riots which could be caused.  The Cabinet hopes that all will go well until the new constitution may be in place. A DRCC official who wishes to be anonymous says, “One of the new policies will be called the ‘Reformation Period’, though I don’t know much about the policy, however it could heavily affect DRCC’s influence in the international community. DRCC’s only hope is that they will take the policy seriously and respect it.”

The General-Secretary plans to make a speech concerning these recent events on Monday afternoon (MST) all DRCC citizens are invited to attend. More updates as they come.

The Inferno Continues: Rebels Break Silence

Baltisk City (B.C)- Today, this afternoon around 3:30pm (MST), Rebels led by Henry Chester seized Dallingrad City’s Military Fort and Outpost when it was abandoned by the DRCC Army which was retreating to a nearby uncaptured province. Surprisingly the General-Secretary’s Office did not receive this information from an XFIA contact but Henry Chester himself.

He said,


I see that you again tried to seize and quell my new military but again I see that you have failed! I laugh at the thought of you trying to win this battle, sending a useless army to fight my attacks but then again I knew what you were up to… you see, I have purposefully planned this for some time, a seed of rebellion started from the day you demoted me when I was right and you were wrong. Langford, you never could handle criticism, I have seen the posts, posted by your own peers or friends as you call them on the Micronational forum.

Go ahead, trust them I dare you too, they are probably planning the end of your Micronational career as I write. Don’t be a fool, surrender now and we shall leave what is left of your so-called nation in peace! I bet McCarthy is in on it too, you call him one of your best friends and a great statesman. You are lying to yourself!!! He is in on it as well, like the UT, Jackson/Horatio Eden, and anyone else that you’ve talked too. You know that the older members of that community you talk too hate you, the man you call Cahill, Karjasary, Belcher. What more proof do you need!?!? 

My army and nation will be a better nation than you ever could. You are a failure! Surrender now and you can save your evil empire. You can never win this, Langford. This is your last and final chance, I have all the time in the world to await your answer but don’t keep me waiting.

-Henry Chester”

One of the XFIA agents present called the letter, “One of the most trash talk I ever heard from a rebel.”

The General-Secretary and the Bureaucratic Supreme will discuss a response to this letter later this afternoon and tomorrow. There is no estimation of what the response will be.

Attacks on DRCC’s outposts is estimated to increase as the rebellion drags on and that by the end of the week that almost all of DRCC will be dissolved. Officials remain concerned over the safety of citizens in captured provinces and how they will be treated by the rebels.